Colour – Paint – Painting

Posted on Aug 18, 2016

Platform Arts/TACTIC Curatorial Swap #1

12th Aug- 1st Oct 2016
Sample Studios – Dublin, Ireland

Colour – Paint – Painting is a collaborative exhibition by the artists Helen Mac Mahon, Kate O’Shea, and Elad Rosen and curated by Moran Been-noon, as part of the Platform – TACTIC curatorial exchange. Each artist brings to this project their unique practice and their way of interpreting the concepts of painting as a method, paint and material, and the importance of light in visual art and the way it engages with its audience.

The three artists will be working in their studios and in the gallery, developing the space as a collaborative piece as part of the preparatory process, and during the run of the exhibition. The work will include layers of light, colour, paint, and print, involving a wide range of materials and methods, and forming an eclectic comment on contemporary painting and installation practices.