Rachael Campbell-Palmer (b. Belfast) graduated from the University of Ulster with Ba (Hons) Fine and Applied Art in 2005 and MFA in 2007. Rachael creates sculptures, installations and events inspired by long processes and carefully selected materials. Sometimes accompanied by instructions or advice, the pieces she creates often engage interaction and invite participation. Rachael is currently a co-director, studio member and outreach coordinator at Platform Arts.


Image 1_Activity 1.1 Only Talk to Strangers

Image 2_Activity 1.1 Only Talk to Strangers Instructions

Image 3_Activity 1.2 Reject Indecision Construct Your Own Good Fortune

Image 4_Activity 1.2 Reject Indecision Construct. Poster

Image 5_Activity 1.3 Embrace Indecision_1

Image_6 Activity 1.3 Embrace Indecision_2

Image_7 Activity 1.3 Embrace Indecision_3

Image 8_GladiARTors_1

Image 9_GladiARTors_2

Image 10_GladiARTors_3

Image 11_GladiARTors_4

Image 12_GladiARTors_5