Volunteer Roles

Volunteers play an integral role in the running and development of Platform Arts. Our volunteers take on roles such as Exhibition Installation, Exhibition Openings, Gallery Invigilation, Marketing and much more…

What we offer Volunteers:

Training and hands-on experience – Volunteers get training and hands-on experience in areas like gallery management, installation skills, curation, administration, and marketing. As a volunteer, you also gain a range of transferable skills such as team working, communication and time management.

Work Experience for your CV – Volunteering for an organisation is regarded with respect by employers, if you volunteer for a consistent length of time at Platform you can ask for a basic reference from the Board. Volunteering with us can be particularly relevant to your chosen career and offers a valuable insight into working within an arts organisation.

Networking opportunities – Volunteers are invited to attend exhibition openings, crits and networking sessions within Platform. As a volunteer, you will have many opportunities to make valuable contacts within the arts community in Belfast and to meet international artists working with Platform.

Opportunity to contribute to the arts – Platform Arts is an artist-led not-for-profit organisation which relies on its voluntary board and dedication of its volunteers. By volunteering with us you will be an essential and valued part of the team, contributing to the continued success and development of Platform.

Volunteer Program – Our Volunteer program provides includes training, volunteer projects and mentoring, which aims to ensure that we maximise the opportunity for volunteers to gain valuable skills, knowledge, and experience while working with Platform.