Liam Crichton

5 June – 4 July 2015

Opening 6 – 9pm, Thurs 4th June

Silent Valley is a site-specific, multi-media installation encompassing sound, sculpture, and light. The title takes its name from the man-made reservoir that serves the city of Belfast the majority of its water supply. It is an area of ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’ but at the same time is a human-formed, industrial artifice. The appropriation and re-contextualization of this sense of dichotomy in metaphorical relation to Belfast aligns with the artist’s developing field of research into physical space. In particular, urban voids – spaces absent from an everyday, conscious or acknowledged understanding. These are, however, still important places from a social and geographical perspective.
The presence of absence, an absent present or even a present absence.

This work marks a new point of experimentation as this will be the first time Crichton has co-produced an original score. The sound piece is in collaboration with Ricki O’Rawe and integrates recordings from the grounds of Silent Valley