Nathan Crothers is an artist based in Belfast, recently he completed a Masters in Fine Art at the University of Ulster.
His current work investigates the potential of moving image within the white cube environment. Challenging how this approach to image is constructed, encountered and interpreted. The work aims to offer alternative ways of experiencing narrative beyond the more passive-viewing conventions of cinema and theatre.
Within his work he often appropriates popular culture, specifically using film, television and web media, as a vehicle to explore ideas of authorship and copyright. His work critiques institutions, political systems, and social and cultural hierarchies, questioning the complacency of how the world is viewed.
Recent exhibitions include: “Cabinets of curiosities” Pollen Studios 2019, “Transmit” 2017, Platform Arts, Belfast, “Indigenous” 2016, Catalyst Arts, Belfast, N. Ireland, “Digital Arts Studios, Summer Residents Exhibition” 2016, Cotton Court, Belfast, N. Ireland, “Watching Paint Dry” 2016, Inkfolk, Hebden Bridge, England, “Getting Chatty with Allan Hatty” 2015, Still Bunker, Belfast, N. Ireland, “Hue” 2015 Hive Emerging, Waterford, Ireland, “Gas Station, Part II” 2015, Gagliardi Art System, Turin, Italy.