Exhibition Opening: Thursday 4th April 2019

    Exhibition Continues: 5-26th April 2019


    “A Seventh Woman”


    “She can only build from the visible as she unbuilds the invisible, and vice versa”

    Trinh T. Minh-Ha


    Marta Dyczkowska’s work explores identity, memory, and migration. Working via performance, video, sculpture, and installation, she mediates with objects that act as mementos, producing biographical links that transition between past and present. Dyczkowska’s practice seeks to create a narrative out of the materials of transit, bureaucracy, and self-hood.

    Her recent work explores numerous states of uncertainty and anxiety brought about by the tumultuous events within recent British politics, where she attempts to find new modes of expression, both from herself and the stories of other Eastern European women living in the U.K.


    Marta Dyczkowska (b.1980, Poland) is a Belfast-based multidisciplinary artist. She graduated from the Ulster University School of Art & Design in 2018, where she was awarded the Platform Arts Graduate Residency Award and the Artist Moving Image NI Award. Her work has been reviewed by CIRCA ART magazine. She is currently undertaking a residency at the Ulster University School of Art & Design.