Exhibition opening: Thursday 10th October 2019, 6-9pm

Exhibition continues 11th-30th October 2019

 Joey O’Gorman has used the residency awarded to him through the Platform Arts Graduate Award to collect materials and ideas which will be deployed during the course of the exhibition. He will produce an evolving installation of objects, transformations and relations that speaks to academic theses relating to the Scaffolded Mind, Eco-evo-devo and ecological Sympoieisis, while recording the process in multiple media. These obscure and technical discourses will be approached through the lens of experience, distilling a particular vision of plural ecologies and a dislocated self through the performance of actions and reflections on personal history. This meditation of evolving perspectives and placing yourself within ecological space, attempts to pay attention to the interpenetration of one and the other and accepting the dissolution of the self.