John Black / Matthew Bourree / Angelina Chung / Nathan Crothers / Paula Deji / Jacqueline Huskisson / Hanna McBride / Justine McDonnell / Siobhan McQuade / Cait Morrison / Joey O’Gorman / Helouise O’Reilly / Declan Proctor / Colin Scott / Rosanna Wilson

6-21 May 2016
Opening 6-9pm, Thurs 5th May
Gallery 1 & 2

An exhibition of works by current 1st years on the MFA Fine Art course at the Belfast School of Art. Exploring a range of themes, across varying media, Gallimaufry presents the diverse multidisciplinary approaches undertaken by this group of emergent artists. The works presented has developed out of the committed labours, research and desires of individual idiosyncrasies, circuitous questions and devious directions – it does not follow a plan, given path or prescribed agenda. The freedom inherent in such a set of approaches nevertheless brings a responsibility to oneself to set aside comfortable supports and set about clambering in and out of ever deepening and lengthening, self dug channels. This is how one might best learn to be an artist and perhaps it is also what one might need to do to better see and encounter art.

The MFA Fine Art in Belfast was established in 1979 and the course’s vision today remains as radical and relevant as it was then – in providing a multidisciplinary art education experience that asserts plurality, relevancy, criticality and quality in today’s contemporary art world.

Image: Jacqueline Huskisson ‘Destruction’ Silkscreen, 2016, Photo credit: Terra Raftovich