I’m interested in the use of “play,” in particular “extreme” forms of play, and how it can be intergraded into a sculptural practice.  With this in mind, I create work based on movement and the wider themes found within that; physics, mathematics, space and time. Growing up skateboarding influenced me, leading to interests in the crossover in languages within art and skateboarding, by extension other forms of extreme play, where each feeds into the other and the awareness of it.

My practice questions, ownership of space, critique of architecture, social structure and dynamic of space. How do we engage with the city? How do we move around it? What influences movements? Barriers, systems, regulations? What roll does memory or psycho-geography play? My work is often site-specific influenced by place, making use of the specific conditions offered by the space and incorporates the variability and coincidences of the environment in the creative process, like how the architecture of a place influences the way in which its moved through.


Gallery One 1st-30th November 2018

Photo Credit: Simon Mills