Becoming Imperceptible

Molly O’Dwyer

4 – 23rd July

Opening 6-9pm, Thursday 3rd July

“The Cosmos is an abstract machine, and each world has an assemblage affecting it. If one reduces oneself to one or several abstract lines that will prolong itself in and conjugate with others, producing immediately, directly a world in which it is the world that becomes, then one becomes-everybody/everything.” *

The sculptural works created for this solo exhibition by artist Molly O’Dwyer are fabricated using everyday materials such as floorboards, tiles and fencing; each brought together into an assemblage form. Certain works are illuminated internally, casting shadows upon the walls of the space; others are themselves projected upon. Light here is an animating force, infiltrating the structure and projecting from the assemblage forming phantoms: projections of an ephemeral landscape. Time exists in the abstract, present in the texture of the found objects and the moving image; the perception of time manufacturing a multiplicity of perspectives.
The artist here uses the materiality of the works to transect the narratological into vibrating particles of past present and future. The frame of reference therefore is essentially one of becoming: becoming-molecular, becoming-assemblage, becoming-imperceptible.

Becoming Imperceptible was originally shown in RUA RED Gallery, Dublin in October 2013. The works featured in the exhibition were developed whilst the artist was on residency at RUA RED. This exhibition is curated by Dr Hilary Murray. A limited edition publication and set of prints also accompanies the exhibition.

Molly O’Dwyer (b.1980) is a visual artist from Dublin. She holds an MFA from NCAD, Dublin and a B.A. in Fine Art from D.I.T. Recent exhibitions include: Les Concordances Du Temps, at Fonderie Darling Montréal (2011), Incubarte Festival, Museo Valenciano De La Illustración y Modernidad, Valencia,Spain (2012), Awaiting Movement at The Werkstadt Gallery, Berlin (2012), Sites For Temporary Witness, The Ballina Art Centre, Co. Mayo (2013). Becoming Imperceptible, Gallery 1, Rua Red Art Centre (2013), Essays For The House Of Memory, Ormston House, Limerick (2014). Residencies include The Firestation Studios, Dublin (2011) Sim Residency, Iceland (2011) and Rua Red 2012/13. O’Dwyer has kindly received support from The Arts Council, South Dublin County Council and Culture Ireland.

*Gilles Deleuze. Felix Guattari. A Thousand Plateaus. (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1987)