Nothing Great is Easy

Lisa Stansbie

5 – 26 September

Opening 6-9pm, Thursday 4th September

Nothing Great is Easy is an exhibition of sculpture, film, drawing and photography that proposes reconstructed narratives using the sport of swimming and in particular the collective interaction and identity of the channel swimmer. The work utilises the processes, rituals/rules, language and the apparatus of sport.

“Nothing great is easy” are the words on the memorial to Captain Matthew Webb who was the first man to swim the English channel in 1875.

Lisa Stansbie is an artist whose work crosses the disciplines of film, sculpture, installation, photography and digital practices. Stansbie has undertaken residencies and exhibited across Europe and the U.S. Stansbie’s films have been shown internationally at galleries and festivals from Bury to New York. Her PhD from Leeds Metropolitan University Zeppelinbend: Multiplicity, encyclopaedic strategies and nonlinear methodologies for a visual practice was completed in 2010 and exists solely as a website

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