Roaming Around the City

Bilu Blich 

Gallery 2

Late night art opening: 7 th September 2017 6-9pm
Exhibition continues: 23 th September 2017 

The installation that is being built from Platform Arts Belfast begins, in the first stage, from remote impressions of the city; with documents and photographs that can be collected on the Internet. I experience, months before the departure, an attempt to observe and investigate the structure of the city and expose events from history; this is a city that is completely unknown to me- the contents come from wondering around the net without any order or planning. The impression contains, associations, fantasies, deja vu, and a narrative. Ariel photographs and maps are the main documents I use and there I find shapes, buildings, neighbourhoods, and names of streets.

The installation in the gallery space will contain, on the walls, the collages that have crystallised in a studio in Tel Aviv. In addition, as part of the installation, there will be structures made of local materials and objects created as a result of a few days roaming around Belfast.

In both cases- the impressions of the city from a distance, and later physical wandering in Belfast without mediation, will examine the question-how and in what way a stranger is impressed by an existing city? Is the experience that is awakened personal? Is it universal? Does it depend on the physical presence in the city?

Bilu Blich is based in Tel Aviv, having completed his M. Sc.Arch at the Technion, Haifa in 1995, where he now teaches at the Technion’s Faculty of Architecture and Town planning. Blich work investigates and criticises the connection between architecture, society and culture; creating installations in specific sites which engage in clarifying the relation between reality and the images the denote the reality. The installations as as models and alternative proposals for the conventional process of making architecture.