Rule Driven John Macormac

Rule Driven. Opening remotely, April 10th 2021

Platform Arts presents Rule Driven by John Macormac.

The exhibition is the latest manifestation of an ongoing exploration of sonic and visual pattern, informed by mathematics, geometry and the natural world. Each component enacts a set of carefully formulated, self-determined rules, influenced greatly by instructions for works written by Sol LeWitt.

Densely worked drawings of repeated forms echo those present in nature gathering inspiration from wide ranging sources, from the hexagonal structures of beehives to the lattice formations of atoms in crystals. In providing Instructions for drawing for the audience to take and make themselves, the heroic artist myth is interrupted and the artist/audience hierarchy is challenged. Visual rhythm is augmented and amplified by layers of percussive sounds and field recordings that have been digitally processed.

The imposing sculpture takes influence from science fiction, particularly the mysterious monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. It is a three dimensional distillation of a sustained period engaging with geometric forms.

The show will feature a specially composed collaborative performance on Saturday April 17th, 4pm with Doctor Robin Price that includes a drum kit prepared with contact microphones triggering synthesised sounds and images that are manipulated in real time. The performance will be live streamed on Facebook and Instagram. A recording is available below.


About the Artist.

John Macormac lives and works in Belfast. He studied Fine Art, graduating from the University of Ulster with an MFA in 2015 and a BA in 2003. He has exhibited regularly over the years throughout Ireland and internationally. His works are held in private and public collections. John is a founding member of Cathedral Studios and a past co-director of Catalyst Arts. He also plays drums for experimental jazz punk quartet Blue Whale.

Featured Work from the Exhibition 

Exhibition Photos by Simon Mills unless started otherwise