Latisha Reihill creates textured abstract paintings inspired and influenced
by the qualities and histories of buildings and landscapes. Graduating in
2019, Reihill has obtained several awards and recognitions for her work.
Her work is in numerous private and public collections in Northern Ireland,
R.O.I, Scotland, London and the USA. Her work can be found among the
permanent public collection at the Belfast School of Art as well as a part of
the Dean Hotel collection in Cork and Galway.

Fermanagh born; Edinburgh seasoned. I’m now based in Belfast working
from my studio at Platform Arts. I studied Contemporary Art practice in
Edinburgh before moving to Belfast to study painting at the Belfast School
of Art. Through studying two very different courses in Art, it has pushed
my practice into what it is today. The crux of my practice is materiality
focusing mainly on the materiality of surfaces both manmade and natural.
I set out daily to challenge myself and the limitations of painting, pushing
the boundaries of the conventional painting techniques and methods.
Abstract shapes and colours begin to emerge from the canvas through
subconscious memory, resurfacing to life through the movement of the
brush strokes. My story often grows into a new dialogue for the reader as
it enables them to see things that they remember. Story telling has always
been a passion of mine, images in books are the first stories we
understand as children, we draw before we can write. I keep this in mind
as I’m developing my pieces, trying to comprehend the visual stories
around me. My paintings usually bare personal names of places I have
been impacted by, the thought alone lends itself into the painting and the
painting becomes an embodiment of an unspoken memory.” My paintings
are often playful, their colours and textures tease off the canvas creeping
out from the 2D into the 3D. The layering of colours and textures creating
body on the canvas is often about digging. Digging into memories, ripping
up parts and leaving a raw and rough surface disguised under playful
The following collection of works are a poignant point of reflecting and
wishing. During lockdown most of us were unable to visit our favourite
places, we looked through photos and kept on top of our zoom calls

longing to get back to “Normality”. The works bounce between bursts of
colourful happiness to more moody “blurred” images. The paintings are
full of both energetic chaos and drawn-out slowness, a feeling we all
experienced during our time of solitude. Based on longing for trips home
in Fermanagh to ramble through fields and sit on the jetty down by the