New Solo Exhibition by Kevin Gaynor

Public opening Saturday August 7th | 3 pm – 6 pm

The show runs until  August 28th


Over the past two years Kevin has worked in Ireland and around Europe with communities of Refugees and “unclassified people” to create an exhibition that explores geographic, ethical and biological identity at its most mechanical. Working over this period has allowed Kevin to reveal focal points that re-present the homogenisation of people, situations and collective trauma. Audiences will be confronted with 12 biological sculptures in Platform Arts’ new location at Connswater Shopping Centre, Belfast.

Suspended at eye-level for the period of the exhibition, the fluid sculptures will present new lenses to view the contemporary crisis of asylum, and the historical and future role of our centralised powers in creating refuge/refugees. Along with these living sculptures, there will be visual documentation of the collection of the work’s materials, over the 24 months. This agitation of the ethical lines that our borders blur will be explored further on the opening night by a short talk from Refugee Activist, and participant, Joe Odiboh.



For more information and to keep up to date with Kevin’s work:

Instagram: @kevingaynorartist

website:  www.kevingaynorartist.com