2Planet X, oil on canvas, 51 x 41 cm, 2013

Peppered Dots

Seán Guinan

8 – 28th August

Opening 6-9pm, Thursday 7th August

Seán Guinan’s paintings are the result of a series of interventions, the terms of which are dictated by a daily scrutinizing, obliterating/mending and an intuitive working-out of the direction each one needs to take. Illogical renderings of subjects from the physical world fuse with imaginative forms, elements and situations to produce a narrative that is not easily digested, but offers scope for subjective interpretation. The settings Seán creates occupy the grey area between abstraction and figuration. Unsure as to what physical state they exist within, they often disintegrate amid confusion, while other times appear strong, expansive and all-knowing.

Seán Guinan (b.1983) is an artist from Athlone, Co. Westmeath. He graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2007 and has recently exhibited at Pallas Projects, Dublin; Hillsboro Fine Art, Dublin; RUA RED, Dublin; Kinsale Arts Festival, Cork; Limerick City Gallery of Art, and Galway Arts Festival. He is director of Wickham Street Studios, an artists’ studio complex in Limerick City centre and was one of the founding members of Occupy Space, a not-for-profit visual arts organisation, also in Limerick.