…taking back bearings

Craig Donald & Jacqueline Holt

6 – 28 June

Opening 6-9pm, Thursday 5th June

Looking forwards, projecting into a future space I am aware that this imagined installation, that it feels…that it looks and feels like a state of mind; the depiction of a psychological state. At the beginning but later than the initial conversation, in talking to Craig I soon became aware of a similar shared emotional history. Individual histories that had drawn us forward to a point in time sitting at a table in discussion having that initial conversation. That initial conversation drawing chalk lines, intuitively placed and gradually describing a yet to be defined shape.

How to capture, to try and catch an uncertain past, a past of changing certainties. A tangible present enquiry itself slipping into a passive state, into the past to await future fleeting present excavation; an opening of interpretation, re-interpretation. remembering, forgetting and re-forgetting.

Craig Donald works with installation through painting drawing and collage. His work investigates instability in knowledge, particularly in relation to history.

Jacqueline Holt is a multidisciplinary artist working with photography, sculpture and video with a focus on site and place.