“The Chronotopes”

Work by Dave Loder
Opening 3rd August 6-9pm
Gallery 1

“The collapse of nonlinearity followed the Babel Event, and Language imposed its own linear ordering. Subjugating the host for reproduction and propagation, Language seeks further modes and realities to occupy. Its iterative condition invades and flows in multiple strata, to parasitically inscribe distinct spatial and temporal aesthetics.”

The Chronotopes are devices and landscape structures deployed to disturb linearity. Antagonising at the scales of the Anthropocene where the human is implicated as a geological agent, these technical apparatus manifest affective alignments at a planetary resolution.  The Chronotopes adopt the status of the monument, a category of spatial and temporal materialism with a linguistic comportment, to deploy a recalibration of space-time aesthetics. Only through nonlinear machinations is the sublime condition of Language comprehended in its authentic form, yet witnessed to have infected a materialism under geo-magnification.

Dave Loder is a Belfast-based artist-researcher pursuing a materialist philosophy of language. His art practice is manifested through the fabrication of technical objects that deploy alternative linguistic aesthetics and space-time conditions. He is currently following a thesis that proposes language as a parasitic entity, posing that language might be lying dormant in – or is capable of infecting – alternative materialisms. He has exhibited nationally and internationally in China, Spain and Germany, and has also presented research at Irish Museum of Modern Art (2015); the 56th Venice Biennale (2015), and dOCUMENTA(13) (2012).