Miguel Negrão

28 – 30 March 2014

Experience Online

The sound installation attempts to unveil and present to the listener the inner world hidden in the drone of the telecommunication boxes.

Each drone, with a fundamental frequency close to 48Hz, is unique and presents different sonic characteristics. For this installation I have selected two of the boxes as the single material for the composition: Sunnyside Street and Lockview Road.

The field recordings were analyzed in order to determine the key frequencies from each drone. By applying narrow band-pass filters it was possible to subtract the ambient noise and isolate the drone.

The 3-part composition progresses from a more “objective”perspective towards a more “subjective” one. Firstly it introduces the original recordings. Then, each individual frequency composing the drone is presented through a partially random selection and accumulation algorithm. Finally, the same material is played at different octaves with phase-shifted envelopes.

The installation generates a new version of the composition at each playback, creating a slightly different listening experience each time. The space is designed to invite the listeners to lie down on the floor and fully immerse themselves in the sonic experience.

X Marks the Spot

Matilde Meireles

‘X Marks the Spot’ is a web-archive, a slowly growing and playful map of Belfast assembled by tagging specific telecommunication boxes, only those emitting a drone (continuous hum).

The tagging process aims to engage people with the space around them, to understand how sound shapes our experience of the city.

By inviting other people to participate in the process, this activity is designed to spread throughout Belfast exploring alternative ways to relate with the urban environment and connect from A to B.

‘X Marks the Spot’ is also a curatorial project. Three artists were invited to explore different aspects and processes within the project. Miguel Negrão will show the first result, ‘48Hz’.

‘48Hz’ is an immersive imaginary soundscape of Belfast. A multi-channel sound installation that uses field recordings from ‘X Marks the Spot’ as the ground material for a drone composition.

// ‘X Marks the Spot’ was constructed using a fully responsive web-layout allowing it to function on all browsers and mobile devices – enabling you to augment your experience of each tagged location.

Event partners Platform Arts,PLACE, Sonic Arts Research Centre and Recomposing the City (QUB)