WhittyGordon Projects

3 – 24 October

Opening 6-9pm, Thursday 2nd October featuring a Jamacian bar and music

WhittyGordon are artists/filmmakers who have been collaborating since graduating from Chelsea College of Art in 2009. WhittyGordon came together because of an interest in exploring the similarities/differences of their own identities (Irish and British/Jamacian).

Interested in creating informal spaces where different disciplines can intermix, WhittyGordon have been organising events in different venues with multi-disciplinary artists, across London, Jamaica and Ireland since 2011. Their work is experimental dealing with many aspects of the human condition, migration and identity.

Following the success of DOWNTOWN which took place at Notting Hill Arts Club in London, WhittyGordon have invited artists and filmmakers to submit short moving image works for their exhibition DOWNTOWN 2 at Unit. These works explore the urban and respond to the idea of exploring the core of a city and its diverse communities.

WhittyGordon Projects are Jenny Gordon and Fiona Whitty.