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Ben Craig, Lucas Dillon, Paul Quast

7 – 26 November

Opening 6-9pm, Thursday 6th November

All or Nothing, is an exhibition curated by Platform Arts. It includes both static and transient sculptural works that consider notions of success and playfully question concept and form. Using mechanisms of abstraction, physics and references from popular culture, this collection of work questions systems of value within a commodity driven society.

Each artist explores the boundaries between process and product, negotiating concepts of a final piece by producing works that construct, deconstruct, develop and diffuse. At times referencing structures within the gallery, the artists bring attention to the forgotten and tasteless, the borrowed and collected.

All or Nothing makes connections with abstract form and social consciousness through critical works which subtly utilize humour and a sense of the familiar.


2pm, Fri 7th November – Ben Craig, Lucas Dillon and Paul Quast artist talk.

Sat, 22nd November, Exhibition closing event