Independent Contractor

Posted on May 11, 2023

We are exited to announce that Beth Fox, Independent Contractor Exhibition opening 4th March come in and enjoy watchinh this exiting video piece, we are here till 6pm today based in Conswater Shopping Centre, Belfast, @bethsface Beth Fox is London based artist. She tells personal stories through video, using combination of appropriate footage and self-shot scenes. Immigration, gender norms, addiction, food, and labour are recutting themes in her work.

“Beneath the shiny surface of our phones and tablets, behind the frictionless apps that allow us to order all kind of products and services, someone, somewhere, is doing the work. “
INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR is a solo exhibition from multimedia artist Beth Fox. The exhibition consists of two video pieces that explore the realities of working in the gig economy. In BUM SHOWER (2020) the protagonist works as a domestic cleaner in the middle-class house in East London. Her employer is a new startup and an app coordinates her life on her phone. In 12 LEMONS (2023) the protagonist works as a delivery rider transporting delicious takeaways around the city on a bicycle while struggling with her own distorted eating