Lana May Fleming, Luke van Geldere
Saturday the 13th of May. 13:00 – 18:00
13/05/2023 – 27/05/2023

FAKE BODY refers to a TikTok hashtag used to trick algorithmic moderators in order to avoid
videos becoming flagged for containing partial nudity. The need to circumvent the automation
and commodification of desires and personas through networked technologies is a duo concern
for artists Lana May Fleming and Luke van Gelderen. By contrasting contemporary masculine
identities, celebrity culture, and the modified female body with the pressure of unattainable
perfection, their work speaks to the increasing difficulty of separating one’s own self-perception
from the personas of those we consume. By placing these practices in conversation with one
another, this duo exhibition hosts a dialogue on how identities are produced, the self-imposed
objectification of the body, and the performance of vulnerability as a marker for authenticity.

Lana May Fleming is a Dublin based visual artist working across video, performance and
sculpture, her practice explores the modification of food imagery and the female body into
desirable objects for consumption. Selected exhibitions and awards include: Watering Hole,
DIVA, Dublin (2022); meat clown, aerial, Bergen (2022); MILF (Mother I’d Like to Eat),
prøverommet and BEK , Bergen (2022); you breathe differently down here, Draíocht Gallery
(2022); Mart annual Awards Exhibition, Mart HX Studios, Dublin (2021); ‘To be consumed in
totality’, aemi and Kevin Gaffney, PhotoIreland Festival (2021); Fingal County Council Artist
Support scheme (2023); Studio Residency, SÍM, Reykjavík (2022); Arts Council of Ireland Agility
Award (2021); IADT/Pallas Project/Studios Mentorship Award (2020); Fingal Graduate
Residency Award with Mart Gallery and Studios (2020).

Luke van Gelderen is a Dublin based visual artist who’s multidisciplinary practice explores
digital image cultures, focusing on how contemporary identities are performed for and mediated
by technology. Selected exhibitions and awards include: unrecognisable spillway, Ormond Art
Studios (2020); My Activity, Rua Red (2019); Chatroullete, K4 Galleri, Oslo (2019); you breathe
differently down here, Draíocht Gallery (2022); Rendering New Realities – Access and Alterity,
The Douglas Hyde Gallery (2021); Project Studio, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (2023); Arts
Council of Ireland Visual Arts Bursary (2022); Recent Graduate Residency, Temple Bar Gallery
+ Studios (2022); Studio Residency, SÍM, Reykjavík (2022); Studio Residency, BEK, Bergen
(2022); DLRCOCO Emerging Artist Bursary (2022); Arts Council of Ireland Agility Award (2021);
Ormond Art Studios Graduate Award (2020).

This exhibition is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, DLRCOCO and Fingal County