Paes, born in Recife (Brazil), settled in Lisbon and now in Barcelona.
He is a musician, composer, producer and visual artist. He began his
studies in Recife, Brazil, with painters such as the dutchman Roberto
Ploeg and the brazilian designer and physicist Plínio Santos. He is
graduated in Phonograph Production at the Aeso Barros Melo, Olinda
– PE, and studied Visual Arts in a degree at the Universidade Lusófona
of Lisbon and now lives and works in his studio in Barcelona. He made

his first series of paintings between 2008 and 2011, called “Fotosen-
sibilidade”. With this exhibition he toured galleries, associations and

cultural festivals in his hometown, such as “MAU MAU”, “Lesbian Bar”
and “Arte em toda parte”. In 2020, during the isolation caused by the
pandemic, he began painting the series “A Memory of Saudade”. In

2021 he began exhibiting in various places in Spain such as “L’Oc-
culta”, “Leopardo Leopardi”, “Center Cívic de Sarrià”, “Espai l’argolla”

and “Bridge 48”, in Barcelona, and the gallery “TACA”, in Palma de Mal-
lorca, “Tini Mini Room”, in Dordrecht, Netherlands and “The Holy Art

Gallery”, in London, UK.

“I like to think that my work is a great mirror of the unconscious. I
believe that it reflects, in many internal and external aspects, what I
feel and think about life, the world and relationships with people and

the space we occupy in society. Internal, with regard to feelings, emo-
tions and deepest dreams. Art as a vivid way of expressing my ideas,

thoughts and fears. External, with regard to the way I see the world
and how it directly reflects on my work”.
“I am a painter, but I am also interested in performance, instalation,
sculpture and photography. There is a recurring presence of themes

such as memory, absence, rebirth, the denunciation of a political-so-
cial nature, affection, rituals, and the relationship of human beings

with nature, gods, whether represented by animals, fruits or plants.
Like any artistic expression, mine is mutant and in
constant deconstruction.”