Platform Arts are delighted to present a new solo exhibition by Francisco Rebolo.
Opening Thursday 1st March 6pm-9pm
This exhibition continues until Saturday 24th March 2018

Paisagens Transumantes began with an ascetical exercise
in which by drawing discipline, in conjunction with written expression, intends to construct a language that goes beyond the intimate regime of creation. The self-denial of gestures or
breaking own style was part of the innumerable techniques used to counteract certain stereotypes that are usually part of
the pictorial and aesthetic composition of a drawing.

The reference to Saint Jerome, an ascetic and scholar, emerges as a central and agglutinating element of the creative context, not only for its symbolic value within the history of art, but also
with the intention of making explicit to the visitor the role of writing in the process of reflecting emotions.

Originally from Lisbon, Portugal, Rebolo is currently living and practicing in Belfast.